BioChem: reliable purity testing for your consumables and reagents

In our laboratories we offer quantitative and qualitative tests to confirm the purity of your consumables and reagents by means of modern molecular biological and microbiological methods.

Based on many years of analytical expertise, BioChem as an independent quality control laboratory provides reliable and reproducible results for the certification of your finished goods such as consumables and reagents.

Your advantage: BioChem offers all relevant analyses from a single source while maintaining the required quality standards. Our portfolio of services for these goods includes the following tests:

Molecular biological detection of the absence of
• human DNA/RNA
• bacterial DNA/RNA
• DNase/RNase/protease
• PCR inhibitors

Microbiological testing for
• sterility
• endotoxins
• microbial purity

Download our flyer “Reliable purity testing for consumables and reagents” (in German).

Please contact us if you are interested in our services. The following contact persons will be pleased to provide you with advice and further information:

Molecular biology/bioanalytics:
Claudia Eisenhauer, head of department, e-mail:
Dennis Burkart, head of laboratory, e-mail:

Alexandra Wagner, head of department, e-mail:
Dr Holger Kühn, head of laboratory, e-mail:

By the way: did you know that BioChem also offers the characterization of bacterial and mould isolates using DNA fingerprinting in its molecular biology/bioanalytics department? Learn more about this topic here.