BioChem water analysis/ cleaning validation: TOC determination in ultrapure water

In (ultrapure) water analysis, the determination of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is an important sum parameter that provides valuable information about the contamination of ultrapure water by carbonaceous organic compounds.

What is TOC?

TOC stands for Total Organic Carbon and is a sum parameter in water analysis. The TOC value represents the sum of the total carbon with a very low detection limit (“LOD”: limit of detection) in a sample.

The analytical method used by BioChem is based on the combustion of the sample. An aliquot of the sample is burnt in a furnace at temperatures of up to 950 °C. The carbon contained in the sample oxidizes to carbon dioxide (CO2) and is then analysed and evaluated by an infrared detector (NDIR detector).

When is TOC needed?

In water analysis, the TOC value of ultrapure water is an important sum parameter to ensure process and product safety in pharmaceutical and active ingredient industry. In addition, regular water monitoring by means of TOC helps to detect problems and interferences quickly and at an early stage.

This leads to less downtime of production plants, which in turn results in increasing production efficiency. Budgets and the environment get protected by reduced waste.

TOC is an established and monographed analytical method in the pharmaceutical, active ingredient and environmental industry to check the purity of water quickly and easily. TOC can also be used in combination with a swab test for cleaning validation, to check on residues of active substances, solvents and cleaning agents.

What can BioChem Labor für biologische und chemische Analytik GmbH do for you?

BioChem offers experienced and rapid water analysis (TOC) of WFI and ultrapure water. On request, analyses of TNb value (total bound nitrogen) can be offered as well.

In addition, BioChem’s experts are available with their know-how for cleaning validation and can identify and quantify solvents or residual active substances using GC and LC methods, too.

Your contact for TOC measurements:

Alexander Böser, Customer support Analytical Department
Phone: +49 21 9737-152