Changes at management level at BioChem

We would like to inform about changes at BioChem’s management level which become effective as of 1st May and 1st June 2019.  You can download our cover letter for our customers here.

Analytical department:

Our former acting head of the analytical department who was mainly responsible for customer and project management, Dr Dominic Franck, has taken over the position as head of analytical department as of 1st May 2019. With Dr Franck we engaged an experienced analyst with long-term experience in the international pharmaceutical industry.

Molecular biological department:

As of 1st June 2019, Mrs. Claudia Eisenhauer, former long-term head of our quality assurance unit/
laboratory service has taken over the position as head of our molecular biological department. Mrs. Eisenhauer worked for BioChem as head of laboratory for molecular biological analyses and, as engineer for biotechnology, has valuable experience in green genetic engineering.

Quality assurance unit / laboratory service:

Mrs. Daniela Krzeslack is our new head of quality assurance unit/laboratory service as of 1st June 2019. Mrs. Krzeslack joined BioChem during the acquisition of nadicom’s GMP sector. Since last year she has managed the quality assurance at our site Hertzstrasse and gained detailed insight into BioChem’s processes. With more than 18 years of experience in quality assurance systems she has the best qualifications for this position.

We are pleased to fill these key positions with experts from within our company and to secure that your projects and products are in the best of hands at BioChem. An updated list of contact partners in addition to existing quality agreements (limitation of responsibility) will be sent to your heads of quality assurance shortly by post. You can also download this list here.

Our detailed contact data can be found here.