New head of microbiological department

Some changes in life come spontaneously, others are foreseeable in the long run. One of these is the current role change in the management level of our microbiological department. After 31 years in the service of BioChem the previous head of our microbiological department,

Dr Wolfgang Leis

reached retirement age on February 1 2019. As of this date, he will change from his former position to deputy head of the department and will continue providing his microbiological expertise to our customers for a certain period. His successor will be his previous deputy

Mrs Alexandra Wagner.

Since April 2017, Mrs Wagner has prepared herself for her new position and, together with Dr Leis, familiarized herself with the processes, projects and customer issues in detail. Mrs Wagner has more than 27 years of experience in clinical and pharmaceutical microbiology, from which our microbiological department profits since she has joined BioChem last year.

In an official farewell ceremony with all BioChem employees on January 31 the position of head of department was handed over from Dr Leis to Mrs Wagner.

Foto Verabschiedung Dr. Leis im Rahmen einer Feierstunde

The official handover during the ceremony at the BioChem site (from left to right: Dr Lysan Massmann, Shareholder, Dr Wolfgang Leis, Alexandra Wagner, Dr Jürgen Branke, Technical Managing Director)

We cordially congratulate Mrs Wagner on her appointment as new head of our microbiological department. We also congratulate Dr Leis on his retirement and would like to thank him for his far-reaching commitment to microbiology in the interest of our customers and the decades of his ongoing loyalty to BioChem.

You can reach the heads of our microbiological department at their known contact details:

Alexandra Wagner Dr Wolfgang Leis
head of microbiological department deputy head of microbiological department
phone: +49 721 9737-265 phone: +49 721 9737-113
e-mail: e-mail: