BioChem makes a career!

Training and further education are important components of a professional career. Once again, two young colleagues from BioChem Labor für biologische und chemische Analytik GmbH were able to complete milestones in their personal careers and thus create great career prospects. In addition, three young colleagues started their apprenticeship at BioChem yesterday.

BioChem congratulates two of its former apprentices on passing their exams and is very pleased that both of them will contribute the learned skills as trained specialists to our laboratory in the future:

Fabian B. completed his apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant on 15.07. with great success and was taken on as a permanent employee with a focus on GC and AAS in the analytical department at BioChem. He has always been interested in scientific topics. At home equipped with telescope and microscope, he graduated from high school in Rastatt/Baden with advanced courses in chemistry and physics. He then went to Heidelberg, where he studied chemistry for a few semesters. For personal reasons, he dropped out of his studies and was able to join BioChem directly into the current training year. In his 2 ½-year apprenticeship, he went through all analytical laboratories and also gained insight into the field of microbiology. In addition, he had the opportunity to spend two weeks as trainee at a pharmaceutical company.

Dominic W. successfully completed his apprenticeship as a biology laboratory assistant on 29.06. and was taken on as a permanent employee in the microbiological department at BioChem. He, too, always has been interested in scientific topics. Thanks to his great school education (high school diploma with advanced course in biology in Landau/Pfalz) and his excellent performance, he was able to shorten his apprenticeship to three years. During this time, he got to know all different laboratories of microbiology such as bacterial endotoxin testing, sterility, identification of microorganisms and so on. In addition, he gained an insight into the field of molecular biology at BioChem and was sent to the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) for a training internship.

Both former apprentices already appreciated the diversity and the direct benefit of their work for the customers during their practical training, because unlike e.g. in a state institute or in the public sector, BioChem as a service provider always focuses on the wishes and needs of its worldwide customers.

By the way: BioChem has once again signed three young people for this autumn who would like to turn their talent and interests for scientific topics into a career by starting their apprenticeship as biology or chemistry laboratory assistants.

Apprentices taken over by BioChem (from left to right): Alexandra Wagner (Head of Microbiological Department), Dominic W. (now employee microbiological department), Fabian B. (now employee analytical department), Dr. Dominic Franck (Head of Analytical Department), Dr. Jürgen Branke (Technical managing director)