BioChem: COVID-19: current situation

Important client information: Coronavirus measures (as of March 31 2020). BioChem remains fully functioning for its clients!

We would like to update you about the current status and further steps BioChem has initiated to remain fully functioning for its clients.

During our daily Corona meeting the management – together with the infection protection manager, occupational safety manager and our heads of departments – have taken the following further preventive actions against COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Our staff works in separate rooms and operates in shifts to reduce the infection risk to an absolute minimum
  • Home office is implemented wherever it is feasible, especially key personal and their deputies who alternate being on site
  • Access to our building is further restricted for external people. Delivery of samples and material is exclusively possible in the entrance of our ground floor
  • Hygiene and cleanliness measures like frequent disinfection of critical sectors and door handles, banisters etc. have been intensified again

To stay fully operative over a longer period we have introduced a restrictive use of critical work material as masks, protective clothing and gloves.

Currently, all samples are processed as usual. In case of delays we will inform our clients immediately.

As system-relevant service provider (§6, BSI-KritisV, German Law) BioChem has committed to the responsibility and is aware of its contribution to the maintenance of processes at its clients and the health system in general. BioChem will make every attempt to support its clients during these challenging times.

If you have any concerns or if there are additional ways, we can support please do contact us. Most importantly, we wish good health for you.