Molecular Biology

Our molecular biological services

BioChem´s molecular biological laboratory offers:

  • quality control release testing
  • EU reanalysis
  • molecular biological method
    • development
    • optimization
    • validation/verification
  • PCR analysis of MOs and viruses
  • DNA, DNAse, RNA, RNAse detection
  • DNA/ATP/Protein quantitation
  • molecular weight determination
  • protein analysis and immunochemistry
  • identifi cation of MOs, GMOs and plants
  • capillary electrophoretic analysis
  • registration support/expert opinion

for all pharmaceutical

  • finished dosage forms
  • intermediates
  • excipients
  • raw materials

as well as

  • chemical
  • medical
  • cosmetic products


  • cytostatics
  • narcotics

Molecular Biological Equipment and Technologies

Our state-of-the-art equipped molecular biological department offers a variety of modern technologies supported by a broad range of high-tech instruments including:

  • (q)PCR Cycler
  • micro plate reader
    • photometer
    • fluorometer
    • luminometer
  • electrophoresis
    • capillary electrophoresis
    • isoelectric focusing
    • SDS-page
    • gel-electrophoresis
  • gel documentation system (CCD)

Within our molecular biological laboratory – biosafety level S1 and S2 – our highly qualified and motivated team handles GMOs. Please contact us before sending us biosafety level 2 GMOs, as German authorities provide their permits on a project-by-project basis only.

Pharmacopoeial Techniques

For years we have been successfully using several pharmacopoeial techniques such as:

  • enzymatic assays for activity determination
  • immunological assays
  • protein/DNA/RNA identification and quantitation


  • isoelectric focusing
  • SDS-page
  • Bradford/Lowry
  • nucleic acid amplification technique (NAT)

Microorganisms, Viruses and DNA- Fragments

We offer customer-specific individual solutions for identification and quantitation of

  • microorganisms including GMOs or pathogenic germs
  • human, animal and plant relevant viruses
  • customer-specific DNA fragments

Detection of mycoplasmas out of cell cultures and validation according to current pharmacopoeial requirements are common well established practises.

As specialists in (q)PCR / RT-(q)PCR technologies we are able to perform highly specific analysis with a minimum of sample amounts.

Medical Device and Lab Device Testing

One of our core competence focuses on testing of medical devices and lab supplies e.g. pipette tips, microwell plates, reaction or PCR tubes as well as stents for absence of DNA/DNAse/RNA or RNAse as it is required by several directives and guidelines.

Start -Up or Global Player

Depending on your project-specific requirements and irrespective of the life-cycle status of your product, BioChem and its highly experienced staff accompany and guide you through tasks related to research, development, production or marketing.