swab test

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The swab test is an essential part of cleaning validation and helps manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries to detect and, if necessary, identify residues of active ingredients, cleaning agents or solvents.

Such tests are a complex and time-consuming task, especially as the requirements of the regulatory authorities have steadily increased in recent years.

Swab tests are carried out in a special procedure with special swabs on the surface to be examined.

In addition to theoretical knowledge practice shows that besides the selection of substances, materials and surfaces according to requirements, the correct and practical execution also plays a decisive role in the success of the analysis. For all these steps, BioChem Labor für biologische und chemische Analytik GmbH, as a partner with many years of experience, will be glad  to advise you.

The swab samples are analysed for carbon or nitrogen-containing residues (TOC/TNb) and/or microbiological contamination using suitable methods.

These tests can ensure cleaning in accordance with specifications, which can minimise the risk of product contamination by the production plant, for example.

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Your contact for swab tests:
Dr Jochen Kolb
Technical Director/Authorised signatory/Member of the Executive Board
Head of analytical department
Phone: +49 (0)721 9737-152
email: jochen.kolb@biochem.de

Your contact for microbiological analyses:
Alexandra Wagner
Head of microbiological department
phone: +49 721 9737-265
email: alexandra.wagner@biochem.de